Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Re-sur-gence- (ri –sur j ns) noun. 1.  A continuing after interruption; a renewal. 2. A             restoration to use, acceptance, activity or vigor; a revival. Sounds like resurge gents.

Rebirth, revive.
Let’s go again.
Springtime in Minnesota.
If you’ve tried once then start again.
Life’s repeating dance.
Reinjecting life with real life.
Bursting through the heavy door on the first day of school or college.
The flinging open of the door after a long divorce, 
pausing face upturned, eyes clenched tightly
basking to have the warming sun bring you,
arms outstretched,
back to life.
The unfurling of a rose’s pink petal in front of a shattered home,
Stark from hurricane winds.

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