Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Will and Testament of a Girl Who Couldn’t Tell People Off

Tell him he is a big eared, two-faced, hypocritical,

                        chew-spitting, praying-mantis legged, Morgan-swilling,
                        oh-look-at-me-I-can-spell-anything, Bible-quoter.

Tell her she is a man-leaving, house-jumping
                        lice-infested, booger-eatin’
                        member of a donkey show.

                        Tell him he is a monkey-licking
                        ass-sniffing, slime on a frogs nuts,
                        piece of doody from a bubonic infected rat.

                        Tell her she is a sallow-faced
                        whiney-hinied, pitiful, man-trapping
                        hornets’ nest-haired hussy.
                        Tell him he is a dream catcher tattooed,
                        old-man voiced, chain-smoking
                        loud-mouthed, manpri-wearing, tool box.
                        Tell her she is a Venus fly trap, man-eating,
                        venomous tramp, wind-tunneled, black-holed,
                        bleach-blonde, with the mental capacity of a dead ant.

                        Tell him he is a freakishly tall, grubby doofus,
                        backwards-hat wearing, imbecilic, manipulating,
                        giraffe-necked, bumpy-headed, smelly liar-pants.

                        Tell her she is an ungrateful, over-privileged,
                        gambling addicted, champagne drinking, one-week
outfit wearing, squawking, daughter of a crap weasel. 

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