Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Ordinary is special.
Gray or white light, dull or bright and shimmery.
Only the most important, beautiful are celebrated.
Graphite, simple pencil lead and diamonds
are allotropes of pure carbon.
Diamonds have a tetrahedral structure with single bonds of carbon atoms
Bound together in a network solid.
Graphite the same element,
Contains an alternating double-bonded flat planar construction
allowing the layers to slip and slide by each other
Giving it the ability to come apart and be a writing instrument.
There is beauty in the simple and strong.
Its ability to create.
To speak.
With each stroke an ordinary pencil, beauty of imagination and creativity sparks.
Smooth scratch across white expanse.
The Marilyn Monroe’s,  
no match for the Mary’s of the world.
Mary’s days, full of screaming baby and difficult husband
Her purpose and beauty not lessened
by lack of startling physical beauty.
She is doubly bonded.
Purposeful, important. 

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